Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions about EuroRevenue.Com. If your question is not covered here please contact us today!

QuestionWho is EuroRevenue?

EuroRevenue is a company employing a team of 32 experts in their fields, helping webmasters and traffic owners to better monetize European adult traffic since 2001.

QuestionHow much do you pay?

Please visit our Programs page for detailed payout information.

QuestionWhen and how do I get paid?

We pay out affiliate commissions every week. EuroRevenue offers several convenient payout options, including SEPA, Paxum, international wire transfers or EUR Check. Other payout options are available on request!

QuestionIs there a minimum payout?

Yes. Your account must have earned €50 or more in a given pay period for payments to be released. If you have made less than that, the amount will be carried over to the next pay period until €50 has been reached. If your payout method is bank wire transfer, the minimum is €500.

QuestionWhat currency do I get paid in?

The conversion ratio is set on the day the payout is stored. Wire transfers are paid out in Euros. There are also Euro currency checks available.

QuestionWhere do I get my linking codes, banners and promo material?

You can get the linking code and everything else you need to promote our sites inside the affiliate section. Use the username and password that you have registered with to log in.

QuestionHow can I change my account information?

To change your account or payment information you need to log in to the affiliate area and look for the 'Edit Account' link at the top right side of the page.

QuestionCan I promote affiliate programs on the same page as EuroRevenue site?

Yes and No. You may promote other affiliate programs on your website as long as you don't promote any other affiliate programs a page where you offer our free content. Banners are fine. If in doubt, please contact us for approval.

QuestionCan I put your banners on all of my sites?

Of course! We suggest you put as many banners and links on your sites as you like. The more banners you put up the more chances you have to send sales to our sites. This does however exclude any website deemed to have a target audience under the age of 18.

QuestionDo you accept traffic from non-English sites?

Yes we do, and converting international traffic is among our principle strategies!

QuestionAre there any types of sites that are forbidden from promoting EuroRevenue?

We don't allow password trading sites, sites promoting illegal content and sites that we deem inappropriate. If in doubt please contact us for approval.

QuestionCan I load your sites in a frame?

No, sites may not be loaded in frames. We have experienced that loading sites in frames greatly distracts users and is very unproductive.

QuestionCan I use your site names and trade marks on my own sites?

Yes and No. You may use our site names and trade marks to promote our sites on your website(s) through the promotion material that we provide to you. You must however not register domain names that include our site names and trade marks, you must not use parts of our websites for your own designs and you must not create websites that, in any way, indicate or suggest that your website is in any way associated with us or any of our sites. Failure to comply with this rule will result in your account being blocked and all payouts voided. If you are in doubt please contact us for approval. For more information please see our Terms of Service page

QuestionCan I send traffic directly to the join page?

No. The way our system works makes it impossible to send surfers directly to the join pages. Please only use the linking codes we provide you with.

QuestionDo you allow blind links?

Yes we do, as long as the traffic is not coming from a completely unrelated website.

QuestionCan I open more than one account with EuroRevenue.Com?

No. Your EuroRevenue account allows you to control every aspect of your promotion efforts. There is no need for multiple accounts. Exceptions may be granted but require approval. Please contact us if in doubt.

QuestionCan I copy and use your tour sites or parts of it on my own site?

No. You may only use approved promotion material. If you use our tour design on your site your account may be terminated.

QuestionI have more questions!

Please contact us if you have more questions, we'll be happy to answer them for you!